Do you need a boiler or upgrade or want to install a new boiler to your property? Reach out to us, and we will install or upgrade the boiler for you.


First-rate Boiler Installations And Upgrades In Warrington Area

A boiler is essential to a household or office building to balance the heating services in your property. You’ll know how much a boiler can mean to your

Boiler Installation Altrincham Area

house or office if you install one. The boiler is the most important part of a central heating system which works efficiently and keeps your heating services running. So, you can enjoy the heat and hot water always. That’s why it’s essential for your boiler to work properly for you to enjoy its benefits fully.

MDS Plumbers Installation and Upgrade Services

And that’s why we’re here. Has the boiler in your home run out of life? Get great boiler upgrades and installation services in Warrington and Altrincham from MDS Plumbers – offering a wide range of models to choose from. Trust our boiler experts to thoroughly inspect your boiler and recommend an upgrade only if necessary or new boiler installation. You can rest assured as our experts will give you an accurate inspection and services. We’re best known for our expert plumbers and excellent services. But you might wonder why should you choose our boiler installation and upgrade services.

Why choose our boiler upgrades?boiler upgrades warrington area

Valliant boilers and Potterton boilers

MDS Plumber’s boiler engineers are experienced with a variety of boiler models such as Valliant boilers and Potterton boilers. You can request us to assess your boiler, and if needed we’ll upgrade or install the boiler type you want.

Baxi gas boiler

Baxi is a popular brand of combi boilers that have been around for over a century, and Baxi gas boilers are very popular in Altrincham. If you want to upgrade your boiler to a Baxi gas boiler or you want to install a new Baxi gas boiler, our expert engineers are well versed with the job. Give us a call, and we can talk about details.

Central heating boilers from Worcester

If you are someone who likes central heating boilers from Worcester and would want to install or upgrade to one MDS Plumbers can help. We’ll get to the work after one call from you. And you can rest assured of our capable works.

Gas Safe registered boiler specialists

All our boiler engineers are specialists who are gas safe registered. So, you don’t have to worry about amateur working on your boiler and rest easy leaving your boiler with our capable and fully qualified boiler engineers.

Clean removal and perfect installation

Call MDS Plumbers to upgrade or install your boiler, and we’ll completely remove the old boiler you have and perfectly install or upgrade with a new one without leaving a trace of the older boiler.

Associated plumbing work

Many companies work installing or upgrading the boiler and leave the necessary plumbing works for the boiler untouched. On another hand, we MDS Plumbers works not only installing or upgrading the boiler but also, all the associated plumbing work as well.

Competitive pricing and fast installations

Boiler repair, installation, and upgrading are generally expensive in the Altrincham and Warrington area. However, we can guarantee you competitive prices for all our services including boiler installations and upgrading. Also, we work to install or upgrade the boiler faster than any other companies for our customers to get their heating services and hot water running as soon as possible— usually within one day.

Efficient boiler servicesEfficient boiler services

You can now get an extensive range of boiler upgrades and new installations for your homes or commercial properties from MDS Plumbers. From efficient boiler installation to the additional plumbing work necessary for the boiler to work,(ex – pipe replacements) you are assured of the upgrade you want with the most excellent quality. Our installation experts will ensure that your selections are perfectly installed for optimum performance.

Best Boiler Installation and Upgrading Services In Altrincham

MDS Plumbers is the best company with boiler installation and upgrading services in the Altrincham and Warrington area. We also provide almost all kind of plumbing and heating services. You don’t have to worry about plumbing, heating, and boiler problems in your household and commercial property with MDS Plumbers around. Call us today and get a complete system overhaul in and around Warrington, Stockton Heath, Birchwood, Widnes, Runcorn, Altrincham.

Contact us today on 01925387010 for a quote or fill up the forum in our website for more details and we’ll get to you soon.

Looking for a plumbing expert to work on your house or office in Warrington? We’re well versed with all kind of plumbing— residential or commercial.

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