No need to worry about boiler repairs and servicing anymore with one of the best and experienced boiler repairs and servicing company in the industry—MDS Plumbers.


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Boiler Repairs & Servicing in altrincham

Has your boiler broken down or is it acting up? It may be time to service the boiler, and it would be in your great interest to service the boiler annually for the boiler’s to provide the best performance. You can now get regular boiler repairs and maintenance services from the best repair and servicing company in the Altrincham area MDS Plumbers. You can trust our boiler engineers to get your boiler in top working condition.

Boiler Repair

First-rate boiler maintenance services

  • Boiler repair services
  • Regular boiler maintenance contracts
  • Boiler efficiency improvement
  • Damaged part replacement

Our boiler engineers are all Gas safe registered and experts in all boiler models and designs, so you don’t need to worry about your boilers when you have MDS Plumbers. You can get your boiler repaired and serviced with quick turnaround time and most of all at affordable prices.

Boiler Maintenance

With the advent of heating technology, boilers have become indispensable whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. And if you want to enjoy the full benefits of your boiler— maintenance of the boiler is essential. But maintaining a boiler might be a little too over your head, and so it’s better to hire a professional company for that which is MDS Plumbers are best known for. We make your boiler more reliable and efficient with our boiler maintenance service. We provide excellent quality boiler part replacement and boiler repairs for all types of boilers. You can also get first-rate boiler upgrades and replacements at affordable prices.

Reduce Cost with Regular Maintenance

Contact us today for all your boiler issues in Warrington, Birchwood, Altrincham, Widnes, Runcorn, Stockton Health covering a 15-mile radius of Warrington.

The price for replacing a boiler with any plumbing company in Altrincham & Warrington can be considerable. Regular maintenance of your boiler is necessary to keep the cost down and prevent any period where you are left without hot water or heating – especially in the cold of winter. However, maintenance of the boiler might be tough for you— that’s where we come in. If you make a maintenance contract with MDS Plumbers, our boiler engineers will do maintenance on the boiler for you and of course regularly. But you might consider,

Should I have a maintenance contract?

Boiler Maintenance

By far the most cost-effective method of looking after your boiler is through regular maintenance. At MDS Plumbers we offer a range of services for boiler maintenance making sure that we can provide something for all our customers that suits their needs.

Regular maintenance often allows us to predict any issues that might arise with your boiler and we can take appropriate action to prevent anything serious from happening to your boiler. It takes away those horrible shock moments where an expensive bill can occur without any warning or a period where you are forced to live without heating or hot water while repairs are done, or a replacement boiler sourced. But with a regular maintenance contract with MDS Plumbers will relieve you of all your boiler issues and you’ll be able to enjoy always running heating and hot water in your property.

What about immediate repairs

If your boiler is having issues and you need immediate repairs, MDS Plumbers have you covered. Our plumbers are all specialists who are well versed in working with all types of boiler and are usually able to conduct on-site repair on the first day which most companies aren’t able to do. If your boiler requires parts, we can source the parts for you and do everything possible to limit the downtime of your boiler.

If it proves necessary to replace your boiler, then we can advise on a suitable modern replacement and can undertake all aspects of that work – from ordering a new boiler to its installation and integration in your home.

Are there any hidden costs?

Many companies charge extra from their customers after finishing works and sometimes even not finishing the job properly. But at MDS Plumbers, we believe in being up-front about any costs. We will discuss everything in full, and if there is any need for any replacement of parts— we’ll advise you before moving forward.

You won’t have to worry about your boiler anymore after making a contract with MDS Plumbers. We have been around the industry for more than ten years and are considered the best company for our services— we can guarantee you our excellent boiler repair and services.

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