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Central Heating service in Altrincham

Central heating has spread worldwide, and most people in Altrincham have central heating in their home and offices. And if you have a central heating system in your home or office it’s essential you keep it running especially in the winter. If you are looking for a specialized engineer, who can diagnose and fix your central heating problems you have come to the right place. MDS plumbers is the best in fixing heating problems in the Altrincham area. So, you can leave your central heating to us and rest easy.


Be aware many technicians don’t know how to work with central heating in which case you won’t need to worry about MDS plumbers. We’ve been in the business for more than ten years and most peoples in the area know who we are. Over the years we’ve established ourselves as the best plumbing and heating service company in the Altrincham, Warrington, and nearby area. So if you are troubled over your central heating, call us, and we’ll relieve you of your central heating problem.

What is central heating?

Central heating is the even distribution of heat to every room in your home from a central point or heat source which is efficient to warm yourself up in the cold days. The warm water distributes heat evenly and thoroughly to every area of your home via a network of pipes. You can combine the central heating with other systems to control a building climate which may be called an HVAC system.


MDs plumbers are specialists in all types of central heating in Altrincham. From combi-boilers, that warm your home with instant hot water and warm radiators to oil-fueled stoves generating heat in country farmhouses. We have the experience and depth knowledge to assess any fault and complete repairs quickly. Our engineers are experts in all parts of the central heating system. Also, our engineers are all qualified Gas Safe registered engineers with many years’ experience. Our fully qualified and expert engineers will give you the perfect job upon calling MDS plumbers. We are prided to be the best plumbing and heating services company in Altrincham. When you leave the work to us, you’ll see why we are the best in the industry.

My heating really doesn’t do enough, can you help?

Doubting a company’s service is natural as you are not a professional. However, you don’t have to take our word for it we’ve already proved ourselves as the company with the best heating services in the area including central heating. We often find that heating systems are often left unmaintained for many years. If you have recently moved into a property and find that the central heating is inadequate, or if your heating has been slowly losing its oomph over the years. Then we can improve the situation.

Regular Maintenance by MDS Plumbers

Like any other system, central heating requires regular maintenance – whether that’s in the boiler, or cleaning the radiators. We offer a range of services to cover any heating services which includes regular looking-after of your heating system and make sure that when the cold nights come, you do not suffer from the chill. When you call MDS plumbers our specialized engineer will leave to your location immediately and assess the problem to your central heating before repairing. Of course, occasionally we find a system that has been poorly specified for the size of the rooms in the house. We can work with you to plan a new configuration of radiators, or a boiler improvement and work on bringing the warmth in your home to a level you have always wanted.


Our heating engineers are not just plumbers – with years in the business, they understand the flow of air in the house, the effect of different wall and floor materials and more. They will advise you on the most efficient you can be to give you that warm home. Plus, of course, helping you save money in the meantime. We guarantee satisfaction to our customers, and we work to improve always which is why we still remain as the company with the best plumbing and heating services in the Altrincham and around Warrington.

For a full heating service in Altrincham and around Warrington, give MDS Plumbers a call at 01925 387010, and we’ll get to you immediately.

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